About Carice

Carice lives and works in a small Worcestershire village on the lower slopes of Bredon Hill, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Her local landscape is a constant source of subject matter and inspiration throughout
the everchanging seasons.

Her designs invariably start as a photograph taken on a walk before being manipulated digitally into the designs you see before you.


“I believe in creating products that are unique,
useful and beautifully crafted.”


Inspired designs lovingly printed…


Inspired by a chilly Boxing Day family walk along the river Wye at Ross. It is our most popular design to date.
“I collected twigs and dried stems which were later photographed and collaged together once my fingers had warmed up.”
Inspired by a walk across the fields from our home at the foot of Bredon Hill. The corn was ready to be cut and was so photogenic that warm sunny day! We are so lucky to live here, Bredon Hill to our left and the Malverns in the distance.”
Spring Fling
After a long wet winter, how wonderful to see the daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths and snowdrops push their way through the wet soil. This design is a cheerful celebration of Springtime!
is a design using one of the found stems picked for the Hedgerow group. Can you spot it? Did you know that common hogweed isn’t poisonous? It’s only the giant hogweed that gives burns from its sap but best to be careful though!
Cow parsley cluster
is a pretty group that works well as a repeat image on many different products. It’s very popular!
is a design taken on an Easter walk through a field of lambs in Great Comberton. “The fields were full of daisies and I took many photographs!”
“I love poppies! My favourite is the blousy Patty’s Plum. Although the petals don’t last long, there’s always the dried seed heads to look forward to. The stems in this design are from the garden.”
Twiggy Heart
“Hanging on our workshop door, I have a little twiggy heart. It’s seen better days but I like its shabbiness!”
“I love agapanthus! They remind me of Scilly, a small archepelgo 26 miles off the tip of Cornwall. We spend many, many Summer holidays there where agapanthus grows in profusion. It’s our beautiful secret place, so sssshhh…”
This fern sketch was done literally on the back of an envelope! I love watching how new fern fronds unfurl from their sleepy slumbers in the Spring.
“A couple of years ago we had a sunflower growing competition. My son was quite little that Summer and his sunflower was the tallest by miles! This print was made from a photograph of that very flower!”
There’s nothing nicer than plucking a strawberry from the veg patch on a Summer’s evening, when the sun has warmed its flesh! This print celebrates those balmy days.
Butterfly and Dragonfly
“Both the butterfly and dragonfly prints were inspired by a trip to the natural history museum in Venice last Winter. There was a collection of illustrations faintly visible on an old staircase. I photographed and tweaked the images into a reminder of that expedition. The museum is well worth a visit if ever you’re in Venice!”